Synchronous Chip Sealer
Synchronous Chip Sealer

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Total weight(kg)160002500031000
Max. Engine power(kw)135199213

Burner                                      Riello G20 x1   Riello G20 x12
Asphalt tank capacity(m³)368
Aggregate tank capacity(m³)51012
Spray width(mm)310040004000
Spray Value(kg)0.25-3.0

Insulation Thickness(mm)50

Hydraulic motorLiyuan(China Top Brand)

Asphalt pumpShanggui(China Top Brand)

1.       Asphalt storage tank with insulation cotton + high temperature insulation coating applicator ( NATIONAL EXCLUSIVE ) , better insulation .

2.       Spreading quantity of asphalt and crushed stones is intelligently controlled. Spraying of asphalt and crushed stones is controlled with one key.

3.       True-color large screen LCD screen observes and monitors working condition and parameters of vehicle in real time.

4.       Through the perfect combination of electrical control and constant pressure device of hydraulic system, zero start spreading is realized; Optimal construction quality of similar products.

5.       The burner dry burning-resistant safety device and heat conduction oil temperature monitoring system are first developed. The heating is safer and more reliable.

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